Manscapers NY is an exterior design and landscaping firm located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The company consists of three founding members, Garrett Magee, James DeSantis and the woman who puts the Man in Manscapers – Mel Brasier. When DeSantis left his senior Role at Ralph Lauren Store design, Magee took a turn from production and Graphic design, and Brasier incorporated her design-build skills to the business, Manscapers was born. Manscapers works tirelessly to create the most beautiful spaces across all of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Hamptons to make their clients outdoor dreams become a reality. 

Manscapers NY is a full service design firm. Offering space-planning design, exterior and interior design services, retrofitting of new and old outdoor and indoor furniture, planting and purchasing services, and full creative and event design. 

Exterior living is the concept–as New Yorkers, when we’re able to utilize our given outdoor space in the smartest ways possible our happiness increases, and that is what Manscapers provides.